The Company

Who we are

Vivi has been using injection moulding to create first-class furnishing articles  for over thirty years.
Our company has a wide reputation for its skill in developing and manufacturing furniture components as well as beautifully designed and functional chairs and armchairs both for home  and office use.
The continuous updating on new high-performance materials and continual testing of new applications have enabled Vivi to operate successfully even in areas of high technical content such as automotive,  dental surgery and sport furnishing.
Our modern and constantly updated tool machines and equipment allow the production of items of all sizes   in a range of varied materials.
Our dual injection presses can mould  two-component items  using  the Air-Moulding technology. Customer assistance is available throughout all stages of development  of the project. VIVI designs and develops all its moulds in cooperation with expert suppliers while an efficient quality control system keeps testing both procedure and product. A stock service is also available on demand.

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