From product development to packaging and logistics

Vivi develops and supplies finished products assembled with customized packaging.

Not just components, but finished products realized in compliance with the customer needs. Group synergies allow also the production of metal parts realized by turning, milling or laser cutting. In cooperation with skilled suppliers, Vivi supervises the realization of post-moulding treatments such as galvanization, painting and vacuum conditioning.

Vivi can also provide programmed supplies and a service of customer warehouse.

Thermoplastic polymers

The world of thermoplastic polymers is extremely wide, varied and constantly evolving.

A close collaboration with leading European companies specialized in the development of materials and a never-ending testing activity allow Vivi to be always up to date and to offer its customers the right solutions for their products.
A collaboration that allows us to organize every year specific seminars that involve directly the research and development specialists of our customer companies.

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